Sunday, 17 January 2016

Keropok Lekor

Assalammualikum and a very good afternoon all the readers!!
Today,i wan't talk  typing in English.I know i'm not good in English and i don't like English . Frequently! I wan't try to language English.You know many people in the Malaysia like food .Maybe the country rich much  food .Do you love 'keropok lekor' ? Yes! I like and it was one another my favourite Food...haha*BI berterabur*

Last day,i talk at my brother and my mother..
I want go to the Terengganu and please bring me ...
They said why you want go to the Terengganu.It was so far from us..Then, Terengganu not have any place best in there.I 'm thinking certainly and i say I want ate 'keropok lekor'.They was very shocked.As,'keropok lekor'  i want go at there...
 Yes i know i'm very curious kikiki...
I 'm cancel my planned..hehe..its okay.

Please don't bash me as i'm destroyed the language English..I have do my best..


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