Wednesday 27 January 2016

Learning English Kids!

Assalammualikum dan selamat petang..Ok lets learning the english kids!Anyway i get all the question in my nephew's book ^_^

Answer the question..


1.Why do we need the hospital?
A.For us the doctors to treat us when we are unwell.
B.For us to go for a walk.

2.How do people get sick?
A.They may have exercised too much.
B.People may get sick due to bad bacteria or catching a virus.

3.What would happen to us if we got sick but did  not go to the hospital?
A.We would be able to get well faster
B.Our condition  could get worse.


1.Why do we need a post office?
A.So that we can borrow books from the post office.
B.that we can send letters and packages  to people who are far away.

2.Who delivers our letters and packages ?
A.The postman delivers our letters and packages.
B.The doctor delivers our letters and packages.

3.How is the letter or package delivered from place to place?
A.The postman picks it up from the post office and delivers it on his motorcycle or truck.
B.The police officer picks it up from the police station  and deliveres it in the police car.


1.Why do we need a police station?
A.So that we can go there to report a crime
B.So that we can learn about maths

2.What do police officers do?
A.Police officers delivers our letters
B.Police officers keeps people safe by enforcing laws,patrolling the streets and solving crimes.

3.Where do the police put bad people after they arrest them?
A.They send them to the hospital.
B.They put them in jail.

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